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D-ICT Solutions (Secondment Interim management Consultancy Training) not only provides classroom and in-company training to companies / employees, but is also regularly hired by the largest trainers, this confirms the quality of our trainers / training courses. Furthermore, D-ICT Solutions distinguishes itself from the other providers in Europe by working exclusively with permanent trainers.

This ensures, among other things, that:

  • we can offer a lowest price guarantee.
  • we can monitor the quality better ourselves, partly because of the set up QMS.
  • We rarely have to reschedule a training or change location because we can give a start guarantee with fewer participants.

Banks & Finance

Banks, insurance and other financial institutions have been on the move in the recent period, with digitization of processes in particular being an important development in the last period. D-ICT Solutions has recently gained a lot of experience at the largest financial institutions in the world, including in the field of ITIL Service Level Management, Test Management, Project Management and of course many training courses in the field of ITIL and PRINCE2 ©.


D-ICT Solutions has its roots in healthcare and many of the D-ICT consultants come from healthcare, as can be deduced from the CVs. Project management for the implementation of Hospital Information Systems (HIS), ERP Software, implementation of Helpdesktools and implementation of ITIL® Service Management processes (Incident Management, Change Management, ...). In addition, conducting Interim Management for IT Departments and of course training in Application Management, ITIL and PRINCE2 ©.


Telecom is constantly on the move and uses the latest technology. An excellent organization of IT and the IT processes within the organization is an absolute necessity. D-ICT Solutions is often asked to help IT organizations to implement structuring with ITIL® or PRINCE2® by means of project management, IT Service Management or training in the field of ITIL® or PRINCE2®.

Industrial enterprises

Large and small industries are major consumers of IT resources and with a growing amount and thus by definition complexity of IT, good organization and management of management is an absolute requirement. D-ICT Solutions is often asked to provide ITIL Service Management, Project Management, Consultancy, Interim Management and training to


Due to the nature of its expertise, D-ICT Solutions probably performs more often than other sectors for government organizations. Almost all ministries, but also local government, more often than average, ask for Project management in implementation processes, IT Service Management in process implementation or process improvement processes, Interim management, introduction of risk and crisis management guidance and of course training in various areas.

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