Consultants provide professional advice to clients based on their expertise in a specific field. This often concerns companies that want to obtain advice on an operational or strategic level, or in areas such as ICT, accountancy, marketing and tax law. What consultants do in concrete terms depends strongly on the field, their expertise, the assignment and their rank in the company. In most cases, their job starts with a thorough analysis of a particular problem or process within the company. Subsequently, a consultant (or often a team of consultants) comes up with advice based on this analysis. All senior consultants of D-ICT Solutions have more than 15 years of experience. 

Overview employees: 

Jean-Yves Depaus, Interim Manager / Service Management Consultant / Enterprise Architect
Ben Harmsen, delivering interim, consultancy & training solutions for Agile Transformation, Project Management and Service Management
Gabriel Adam, ITIL® expert / trainer / PRINCE2® trainer, Consultant, Interim Manager, Test Manager, T-MAP consultant
Han Sjardijn Agile Scrum, PSM-1
Keesjan Fijma, marketing and sales specialist
R. Sijtsema, ITIL Service Manager, PRINCE2 Project Manager, Financial Manager
Consultant available as .NET programmer, Sharepoint Asp.Net Applications and in ADO.Net, Windows Applications and WCF. Programmer / Trainer
Consultant available, Apple / Samsung Trainer, Security Manager Consultant / trainer, Iterim Manager, ITIL Service Manager, Information
Consultant available, ITIL® Consultant / trainer, Iterim Manager, Change Manager, Information Manager, Financial Manager and Project Manager
Consultant available: Consultant / Project Manager, Telecom, MDM, MAM
Consultant available, Project management, ITIL, TMap, LEAN, SCRUM, Agile and ISO.
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